A Colorado Mountain Mystery

Who is Kristal?

Kristal Anne Reisinger, 29, is an Arizona native, constantly described by her friends and family as a highly intuitive and positive person. Due to a difficult home life, Kristal became a ward of the state and relocated to Denver to live with her aunt. When they had a falling out, Kristal was left with limited options. It was then that the Ervin’s took Kristal into their home, their son being a close friend of hers.

Rodney and Debbie Ervin provided for Kristal as if she was one of their own children, becoming parental figures in Kristal’s life. She moved into their furnished  basement, they put her through college, and they became proud grandparents to Kristal’s 5 year-old daughter, Kasha.

In 2015, Kristal moved 200 miles Southwest of Denver to the small town of Crestone, in search of religious enlightenment. With a population of about 150 in the town proper, Crestone is known as the “New Age Religious” capital of the world, drawing thousands of “truth seekers” to the area. Complete with her meditation practice, brightly colored hair and dreadlocks, Kristal fit right into the community.

On July 13, 2016, Kristal reportedly disappeared from a full moon drum circle. She has not been seen since. After 2 years with no arrests, Saguache County Sheriff’s Office is no longer treating Kristal’s disappearance as a missing persons case, but rather suspected foul play.



The Journey Begins at the End of the Road

The Tiny Spiritual Mecca

200 miles Southwest of Denver, located at the base of the spectacular Sangre de Cristo Mountains, sits the tiny town of Crestone. While only three-by three by 3 block long and home to less than 150 residence, Crestone’s spiritual draw is world renowned, attracting “truth seekers” of all faiths. The Crestone area is considered sacred ground by the Navajo Nation, and is currently home to several world religions, including: a Hindu temple, a Zen center, a co-ed Carmelite monastery, several Tibetan Buddhist centers, and miscellaneous New Age happenings.

Crestone’s development as a spiritual center was initiated by Maurice Strong, a multimillionaire businessman, and his wife, Hanne Strong. Using land acquired from corporations in Strong’s control, they established the Manitou Foundation and Manitou Institute, and donated grants of land to a number of spiritual centers.