EPISODE 1: Stay on the Trail

Host, Payne Lindsey, introduces us to the story of Kristal Anne Reisinger, as we know it. He travels across Colorado and Los Angeles to meet her family and friends and learn more about her and what drew her to the small town in a rugged, remote area of Colorado where she disappeared.

EPISODE 2: Welcome to Crestone

A rugged, remote, small town is the last known whereabouts of Kristal Anne ReisingerIt's history. Locals discribe Crestone as an extremely safe place where people don't lock their doors. You just have to be aware of the wildlife. This is bear and mountain lion territory. People with interests in spiritual pursuits are attracted here. Native Americans consider it a sacred valley. Some say it is a portal to other universes. Welcome to Crestone, CO 37.9964° N, 105.6997° W

EPISODE 3: Speculation

Chris Halsne, Eli, and the Ervins disclose the predominant rumor surrounding Kristal’s case. Friends and family reminisce, sharing their favorite anecdotes and character traits about Kristal. Payne makes contact with her friends in Denver, seeking out experiences from that time in her life. And then we’re back to Crestone...

EPISODE 4: Drum Circle

Payne and the UAV team attend a full moon drum circle in Crestone. Along the way, they meet a colorful local, visit a tarot card reader in Denver, and find an intimate contact in Kristal’s old phone. In Crestone, it’s not uncommon for people to go by obscure nicknames— to the extent that real names are never even disclosed. Unfortunately, this could make it even harder to trace people that are already living off the grid. At the end of this episode, Payne receives an alarming phone call from Rodney Ervin.

Q & A: 9.16.18

Payne and the UAV team answer listener questions.

BONUS: Insight - Crestone

Crestonians speak about the place they call home.

EPISODE 5: Catfish

Mama said, don’t go near that river... Phebe recounts an unnerving story, involving her psychic connection with Kristal. Then, a UAV veteran returns with his opinion on the newest person of interest.

EPISODE 6: The Circle is Small

Payne introduces a few key sources… There’s a lot of finger pointing going on here.

EPISODE 7: What We Know

Payne gives a recap of the information gathered thus far. There’s been some confusion over when Kristal was last seen, so the timeline is laid out, using dates from the official police report and those closest to Kristal. New players were introduced in Episode 6... and their stories were not entirely clear. Payne provides insight into those individuals, connecting the dots: Who. What. Where. When.

BONUS: Insight - Kristal

Who is Kristal Reisinger? Hear from some of the people who knew her best.

Q & A: 10.15.18

Payne and the UAV team answer listener questions.

EPISODE 8: The Phone

In Episode 4, the family shared Kristal’s second-to-last phone with the UAV team. That’s the only one they have in their possession. Now Payne asks some hard questions about Kristal’s latest phone… the one she was using when she disappeared. Where has it been for the last two years?

EPISODE 9: Gone Fishin'

We’ve heard a lot of accusations and wild speculation. But, as it's been put before, someone with a “colorful nickname” emerges in the majority of these stories. It’s time to hear from him: Siluriformes.

EPISODE 10: Too Many Cats

Tad DiBiase (aka the No Body Guy) advises the UAV team as they gear up to go back to Crestone. Payne talks to “Big Cat.” There seems to be a lot of “cats” in this case. How convenient.

EPISODE 11: The Search

Payne and the team tag up with Fox31’s Chris Halsne for his search of the mineshafts. Tracy Sargent, dog handler, brings along her cadaver dog, Chance, to assist…. “Chance, hunt.”

Q & A: 11.19.18

Payne and the UAV team answer listener questions.

EPISODE 12: Muddy Waters

This is the finale, but not the end. If you’d like to help the family in some small way, please visit:

Q & A: 12.03.2018

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BONUS: Insight - Looking Back / Looking Forward

Pressing pause on the podcast, but not the effort to find answers. In this episode, we reflect on memories of Kristal, final thoughts, and the making of this season.